is born out of limitations, This short story series was initiated as a means of designing beyond the physical or digital and into the imaginary. Thomas, Harry Kay, Tom Longley and Michael Perkins speculate beyond the limitations of today and concoct distinct narratives that both revere our digital future and poke fun in equal measure.

In 2015, the collection of stories formed an installation that sought to immerse visitors in their own imagination. A screen displaying the scrolling narratives was mounted centrally in an intimate space constructed of timber and bubble wrap. Projecting onto the plastic created a diffused effect that hinted at another world beyond the cocoon-like space. The combination of sound and light created a reactive environment that augmented the imagination of the reader. 
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Story films ︎
Thomas Wing-Evans -
Halting Problem

Harry Kay -
Falling Short

Michael Perkins -
The Last / The First

Thomas Longley -
You Are Here

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